HFNC Scholarships



Why HTCs Matter:

The Value of the Integrated Care Model

  • Local Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTC's)

     University of California, San Francisco

    Hemophilia Treatment Center

    400 Parnassus Ave. Suite A502

    San Francisco, CA 94143-0324

    Phone: (415) 353-2421

    Fax: (415) 353-2467

    Children's Services /

    Adult Services/

     UCSF Benioff Children’s

    Hospital Oakland

    747 52nd Street

    Oakland, CA 94609

    Phone: (510) 428-3286

    Fax: (510) 601-3916


     Valley Children’s Hospital


    9300 Valley Children's Place

    Madera, CA 93638

    Phone: (559) 353-5480

    Fax: (559) 353-5490



    Lucile Salter Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford

    Hemophilia Program

    725 Welch Road

    Palo Alto, CA 94304

    Phone: (650) 497-8953

    Fax: (650) 723-5231


    University of California at Davis

    Department of Pediatrics


    2516 Stockton Avenue

    Sacramento, CA 95817

    Phone: (916) 734-3461

    Fax: (916) 451-3014


     HTC 340B Programs


    Hemophilia Treatment Centers 340B Programs


       1.  Children's Hospital Oakland:  contact James Riddel, MS CPNP

    (510) 428-3853


       2.  Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford Home Pharmacy: (650) 497-8316


       3.  University of California, San Francisco: Contact

    Susan Karp RN, MS

    (415) 476-5861


       4.  Childrens Hospital Central Valley: Contact

    Nancy Hatcher, MSW

    (559) 353-5270


        5. University of California at Davis: Contact Stephanie Dansker (916) 734-3461


    ** You must be a patient of the HTC to be eligible for services of their 340B Program.



  • Hepatitis and Aids Websites

    Hep C Connection


    Hepatitis B Foundation


    Hepatitis C Forum - International


    Hepatitis Central


    Hepatitis Information Center


    AEGIS (AIDS Education Global Information System)


    AIDS Info


    HIV Insite (UCSF)


    National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project


    Hepatitis Information Network


    National Hepatitis C Coalition, Inc.

  • Blood Safety Websites


    American Society of Hematology


    American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology


    Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association


    U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA),

    Center for Biological Evaluation and Research


     (FDA), Vaccines, Blood & Biologics Recalls


    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), Advisory Committee on Blood and Tissue Safety and Availability (ACBTSA)

  • Blood Disorder Websites

    All About Bleeding




    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Blood Disorders


    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

    Spanish-language site


    The Coalition for Hemophilia B

    The Haemophilia Society (United Kingdom)


    Hemophilia Region IX


    LA Kelley Communications


    National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF)


    World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH)

  • Related Websites

    The Genetic Alliance




    Mayo Clinic





    National Organization for Rare Disorders

  • Financial Assistance

    Most pharmaceutical companies that manufacture factor have co-payment assistance programs. We urge to to sign up for current or possible future help.


    For help with insurance premiums check out PSI (Patient Services Inc.)


    We urge you to check out Covered California for income-based health insurance.


    Both National Hemophilia (NHF) and Hemophilia Federation America (HFA)  have annual meetings and paid scholarships to help families attend.

  • Home Healthcare Companies

    coming soon

  • Emergency Assistance Program

    coming soon

  • Helping Hands Program  (HFA)

    Are you aware of the Hemophilia Federation of America, (HFA)

    Helping Hands Program?


    "Helping Hands" aids families with urgent funding to assist in crisis situations. The program provides basic living expenses. Please see link below for more information.



    This is just one more resource for our community.

    "HFNC Proud Member of HFA"

  •  2017

    The HFNC Memorial Scholarship Fund applications are closed for 2017.

    Winners will be notified on or near September 15, 2017.


    Criteria for consideration will include the following: legibility of the completed application, academic excellence,

    community service experience, recommendations, and personal essay (see application).

    Absolutely no faxes, E-mail, late or incomplete applications will be considered.

    We wish you the very best of luck as you pursue your educational goals.


    Applications should be mailed to:


    Hemophilia Foundation of Northern California

    Attn: Scholarship Committee

    6400 Hollis Street, Suite 6, Emeryville, CA 94608


    No individual may receive more than one scholarship per year. If there are not enough applicants to utilize all available scholarships,

    the money will be carried over to the following year, thus increasing the amount available in the unused scholarship.

  • The Stephen Keale Memorial Scholarship Fund

    Steve was born on November 22, 1968 in Westchester County NY and grew up in Norwalk CT. With his family he relocated to southern California in 1981, where he graduated from Newbury Park High School in Thousand Oaks. On his own Stephen later moved to northern California, residing for a time in Arcata and in Mt. Shasta, where he met Susan, his wife. They moved to Chico in 1996 to attend CSU Chico. Steve received a BS in Therapeutic Recreation in 2000. He was an occasional guest lecturer at CSUC on the topic of living with disabilities.


    Steve was a co-founder and first President of Disabled Adventure Outfitters, a non-profit organization which provides wilderness experiences for people with disabilities. He enjoyed whitewater rafting and golf and was an avid movie buff. He could recite the plots of some films scene by scene. His favorite director was Akira Kurosawa of Seven Samurais fame. Stephen was also very involved with hemophilia summer camp, and was the arts and crafts director for many years. He was always patient with the children, and always encouraged them to do their best in art.


    Stephen devoted his life to alleviating the suffering of others. His generous spirit, warm, caring smile and marvelous sense of humor will be missed by all who knew him.

    Provides a scholarship in the amount of $2,500 to an individual with a bleeding disorder seeking to continue or further their education in the arts.

  • The Brett Leach Memorial Scholarship Fund

    Brett Leach was born October 5, 1956, in Oakland, California. Bret was born with severe hemophilia, and maintained a commitment throughout his life to helping others despite his own chronic pain and difficulties.


    Bret grew up in Monterey, California and ultimately graduated from Monterey Peninsula College. While attending school in Monterey, he met his soul mate and the love of his life, Patricia Andrich. Bret and Patricia Leach were married in October 22, 1983.

    Bret, a man of small stature but with a huge smile and presence, was always willing to spring up and lend a hand. He built his career in the home health field, helping others with hemophilia and other medical conditions live independently and manage their lives.

    Bret's commitment to helping others did not stop when he left work. Bret was an active volunteer of his own time, serving in leadership capacities at both the Central California and Northern California Hemophilia Foundations, and as a co-director of “Camp Hemotion,” the annual summer camp for children with bleeding disorders in Northern California. Provides a scholarship in the amount of $500.00 to an individual with a bleeding disorder seeking to continue or further their education.

  • The Mark Helm Memorial Scholarship Fund

    Mark Helm was born March 23rd, 1958, in Madera, California. He was born with severe hemophilia. He had a younger brother, Scott Helm, also born with severe hemophilia, who contracted HIV in the early 1980’s and died in May of 1993.


    Mark’s involvement in the bleeding disorders community has been both personal and professional. He started Tri Medical Inc. in 1988, a small business designed to meet the needs of patients and families living with hemophilia. Quantum Health Resource bought Ti Medical in 1993, and Mark continued as Branch Manager for several years. After taking a short break to spend time with his family, he returned to the community creating Herndon Healthcare, Inc., a company dedicated to serving the needs of people with bleeding disorders. He spent many years serving on the CCHF and HFNC boards as well as the scholarship committees.


    Mark and Julie, his wife of 24 years, adopted two beautiful children, Hugo (17) and Rebecca (11). Hugo has moderate hemophilia. Provides a scholarship in the amount of $500.00 to an individual with a bleeding disorder seeking to continue or further their education.

  • The Daniel Gallagher Memorial Scholarship Fund

    Daniel Gallagher was born September 19, 1949, in San Jose, California. Daniel was born with severe hemophilia, which was not diagnosed until he was four years old. At the same time his brother Patrick, then 6 years old was also diagnosed.


    Daniel studied Business at Hayward State University and Law at Santa Clara University. Daniel and his law partner had a successful law practice in Los Gatos. His law partner continues to run the business today. Daniel inspired to be a judge one day. He enjoyed collecting antiques, old cars and teaching legal courses at West Valley College. However, his pride and joy was his family.


    Daniel met his true love, Michelle Chiechi-Gallagher, when they were 16 years old. Later they married and had two wonderful children. Unfortunately, Daniel’s children, Matthew and Caitlin, were only one and three years old at the time of his death. They have lived life only knowing how special their father was by stories told by their mother, family members, and numerous pictures.


    Education was a very important part of Daniel’s life. Daniel would take great pride to know that the Daniel Gallagher Scholarship would help further education for those with bleeding disorders. Provides a scholarship in the amount of $500.00 to an individual with a bleeding disorder seeking to continue or further their education.


  • The Donald Peattie Memorial Scholarship Fund

    Donald Peattie was a man from the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area, who had hemophilia. We do know that after his death, his family made a generous donation to the Hemophilia Foundation of Northern California with the request that the money be earmarked for educational scholarships for people with bleeding disorders. The Peattie Family was the first to offer such a scholarship to HFNC for the future of persons with bleeding disorders. In honor of Donald Peattie and his family, we would like to offer this scholarship in Donald’s name and in the spirit of hope, courage and perseverance shown by people with bleeding disorders the world over. Provides a scholarship in the amount of $1,000.00 to an individual with a bleeding disorder seeking to continue or further their education.


  • The Sue Anderson Memorial Scholarship Fund

    Sue Anderson was born November 23, 1945 and grew up in Pleasant Hill, CA. In 1976 Sue gave birth to JT, a severe factor IX hemophiliac. At the time of her sons diagnosis treatment for hemophilia was still considered somewhat primitive and unrefined, leading Sue on an endless quest for knowledge.


    Sue served for 37 years as the Secretary and Assistant to some of the top investment brokers in the Central Valley at Morgan Stanley/Dean Witter. She was infamous for her glowing personality at Dean Witter, offering a light hearted and fun approach to the world of financial management. Sue married her best friend and soul mate Jim Anderson, and along with JT they had another son Scott in 1972 who is not a hemophiliac. As a couple, Jim and Sue have always symbolized family values as well as hard work and determination. Jim and Sue were married for 42 years before Sue passed away in November 2008.


    Sue is well known in the Central Valley for founding the Fresno Hemophilia Auxiliary. With the help of her dear friends, Mark Helm, Susan Kuhn, and Marta Terray, Sue and the Fresno Auxiliary have been able to reach a large percentage of families affected by hemophilia in the Central Valley and help them manage this disease with professional and community support.  In honor of Sue and her heartfelt community and volunteer spirit, the Anderson Family is requesting that the recipient of the Sue Anderson Memorial Scholarship Fund donate a small portion of their time by volunteering with the HFNC at two events of your choice. This will not only help the hemophilia community, but will also instill a sense of community involvement in the recipient of this scholarship.  Provides a scholarship in the amount of $500.00 to an individual with a bleeding disorder seeking to continue or further their education.

  • The Kurt Pollard Memorial Scholarship

    The Kurt Pollard Memorial Scholarship


    Kurt Pollard Memorial Scholarship in honor of the Female Factor Group of HFNC


    This $1,000 scholarship can be applied to by any woman of the affected community, as defined by the Female Factor Group. This scholarship is set to help further the education at a vocational school, college, or University. Kurt worked as an executive chef. But before he died, he told me that he wanted me to do two things for him after his death. One was to make sure his daughter made it through college. He also said, “I’ve never had such a profound experience as hemophilia camp. I want you to do everything you can to make sure that every kid with a bleeding disorder who wants a camp experience can have one.” Since then, I’ve focused my energy on making that happen. - Dawn Pollard




    Be enrolled in Vocational school, College, or University

    Documented volunteerism within last 24 months with the foundation.